Keeping Your Yoga Mat Clean: Matguard Guide

Keeping Your Yoga Mat Clean: Matguard Guide

Yoga mats require just as much cleaning as your hands. Having sweated for hours at a time, your mat is likely dirty and grimy after a while. When it comes to cleaning your yoga mat, how do you do it?

How often should you clean your yoga mat?

Usually, you can wipe down your mat every week or so, depending on how intense your sessions are. You may need to wipe down your mat more often if you regularly practice hot yoga or sweat a lot after a session. Over-deep cleaning may cause some mats to wear out faster, so be cautious.

Regular wipe downs

What do you use to clean your yoga mat? This is easy! Get your hands on MatGuard Yoga Wipes (65 ct) for a fresher yoga practice. Our yoga wipes are safe on the skin, bleach-free, deodorizing, and won't stain mats. If you don’t have a yoga mat cleaner to hand, a few drops of mild washing-up liquid mixed in some warm water will work too – but make sure you invest in a decent yoga mat spray for future cleans. 

Clean your yoga mat by spraying either solution on both sides and wiping it clean with our Matguard wipes. With a damp cloth, wipe away any excess solution from the mat. Your mat should not have any solution left on it. If you want your mat to dry, lay it flat, or hang it over a shower rod or a clothes dryer - but stay away from the radiator. Roll it back up after it's completely dry.

Deep cleaning your mat

Consider deep cleaning your yoga mat to remove stains and smells if it needs more than just a spot clean. In addition, if you deep clean too often or use the wrong products, some mats may wear out considerably faster. Checking the manufacturer's or retailer's website is always a good idea. Using the Matguard Yoga Wipes or Yoga Spray will keep your mats clean, in addition to keeping the mats in top tier condition.

Tips to keep your mat clean

So we’ve covered the basics on how to clean your yoga mat, but I thought I’d share a few extra tips to get the most wear out of your mat and keep it cleaner for longer: 

  • Sunlight should never be allowed to reach your mat. They can fade and become brittle when exposed directly to the sun.
  • Clean with gentle cleaners and avoid harsh solvents. Use a TRUSTED cleaning solution such as our yoga wipes or yoga spray.
  • When storing your mat, make sure it is dry. If any moisture remains, the mat may become damp, sour, and possibly moldy. Plus, germs and bacteria are sure to stay put.
  • Be cautious when applying skin creams, moisturizers and oils before a yoga practice as these can transfer to your mat and stain it.

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