MATGUARD®: The Solution to Mat Herpes & Gladiatorum Herpes!

Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) infections are prevalent in environments with close physical contact. This is especially true in places like daycare centers, college dormitories, wrestling mats, locker rooms, gym equipment, and bathrooms. At Matguard USA, we specialize in wrestling mat herpes, what kills the virus on surfaces, and how to prevent our athletes from catching the disease. 

Understanding Gladiatorum Herpes (Mat Herpes) in Wrestling

Wrestler showing signs of gladiatorum herpes on the wrestling mat


Gladiatorum herpes, often referred to as "mat herpes", is a particular strain of herpes that many wrestlers contract. Herpes is notably common among wrestlers, leading to the term "herpes gladiatorum" or "mat herpes wrestling" infections. Rugby players, too, are susceptible, with some referring to their version as "scrum pox" or "herpes rugbiaforum."

What is Herpes?

Athletes taking precautions against herpes from wrestling – emphasizing good hygiene practices

Herpes simplex is an incurable disease characterized by a painful, itchy, oozing, and crusty rash. Two primary types of herpes simplex viruses exist: Type 1 (HSV-1) and Type 2 (HSV-2). HSV-1, the more widespread variant, causes oral herpes, resulting in lesions around the mouth known as cold sores or fever blisters. Meanwhile, HSV-2, often merely termed "herpes," primarily causes genital herpes. However, it's crucial to understand that HSV-1 can also result in genital herpes. The virus can lead to other disorders such as herpetic whitlow, herpes gladiatorum, ocular herpes (keratitis), and more.

Individuals with the herpes virus can develop rashes anywhere on their skin, and the virus can transmit through direct contact, even without visible outbreaks. Various triggers can activate the dormant virus, including illness, fatigue, and stress.

Who's At Risk?

As mentioned, herpes from wrestling, specifically gladiatorum herpes, is a significant concern. Given that herpes can spread even without visible sores, athletes, especially wrestlers, need protection. Not just in sports, HSV infections are widespread in close-contact environments. Generally, HSV-2 spreads through sexual encounters with an infected person.

Preventing Gladiatorum Herpes: Advice for Athletes and Parents

MATGUARD® solution actively kills herpes virus on surfaces, preventing mat herpes in wrestling environments.

Here's how to address mat herpes in wrestling:

Prioritize safety through prevention using MATGUARD®. It's the only 70% ISOPROPANOL solution available, proven to combat the question of "what kills the herpes virus on surfaces?"

To kill the herpes virus on surfaces, use our patented surface spray on any surface that is frequently used by athletes. 

Maintain excellent personal hygiene. Apply MATGUARD® antibacterial body wipes before and after every match, practice, and game.

Offer the away team a wipe or spray from MATGUARD®'s antiseptic range. Preventing herpes from wrestling starts with responsibility and MATGUARD®.

Include safety habits: always cover wounds with clean bandages, avoid sharing personal items, and sanitize hands frequently. If you suspect an infection, consult a doctor immediately.

Ensure a clean environment using MATGUARD® disinfectants. Regularly sanitize surfaces like mats, equipment, and other frequently-touched areas.