Yoga MatGuard 1 Gal

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MATGUARD® Yoga Mat Cleaner: Keep your yoga practice fresh and clean. Our 1-gallon solution is specially formulated for yoga mats and guarantees to remove dirt and sweat without damaging the mat surface. One gallon of pure cleaning for all your yoga mat cleaning needs.

  • USES: For disinfectant cleansing of yoga mats and accessories to decrease bacteria and to promote good individual hygiene associated with athletic activity
  • USED FOR: yoga mats, soft athletic mats
  • USED BY: yoga studios
  • ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Isopropyl Alcohol 70%
  • Specialized formula that won't degrade the soft material of yoga mats
  • Patented, EPA registered.
  • Bleach Free.
  • Safe on all Equipment.
  • Safe on Skin.
  • Medical Grade.
  • Won't stain equipment.
  • Combats MRSA, staph, impetigo, ringworm, HIV, Covid-19, and bacteria.