Helmet & Pad by MATGUARD® - 128 oz Liquid Spray (Team Size)

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Having MATGUARD® HELMET & PAD SPRAY keeps your athlete's disease and harmful bacteria-free, especially when used in conjunction with education on disease prevention. Adopt a policy of safety through prevention with MATGUARD®.

  • USES: For disinfectant cleansing of helmets and pads to decrease bacteria and to promote good individual hygiene associated with athletic activity.
  • USED FOR: Helmets, Shoulder Pads, Knee Pads, Hip Pads, and Chin Straps
  • USED BY: athletes, equipment managers, police and fire, and first responders, rental shops
  • ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Isopropyl Alcohol 70%
  • A specialized formula that won't degrade or discolor your equipment
  • Patented, EPA registered.
  • Bleach Free.
  • Safe on ALL Equipment.
  • Won't stain equipment.
  • Combats MRSA, staph, impetigo, ringworm, HIV, Covid-19, and bacteria.
  • Safe on skin! Prevents "Helmet Acne".