Booster and Club Programs

Many Wrestling Club Programs across the United States have asked us, "How can we get involved in selling or promoting Matguard Sports Antibacterial products to their students or within their community?"

Keeping Athletes Skin Disease Free is ultimately the main goal...
  Your Athletes Health and your reputation are of paramount concern, but it is also important to earn money to help support your business.
We at Matguard understand this... We have worked with hundreds of wrestling clubs, schools, gyms and health clubs to develop bacterial remediation and germ control procedures.

"Triump Wrestling Club stocks and sells Matguard products to our students. We make sure that each Student wipes down or uses the Matguard Foam Dispenser after each session. I use it throughout the day myself! It's good business, and it helps keep my guys on the mat",-

-Nick Roy, Owner Triumph Wrestling Club-NJ