Keeping the slopes safe this year!

We take a trip to Big Snow, a popular indoor ski slope, to see our disinfectant in action. Big thanks to Jim Haas and the team for having us and for keeping their skiers safe!

Matguard Hits the Slopes: Championing Safety at Big Snow!

Winter sports enthusiasts, rejoice! Matguard USA's latest video, "Matguard at Big Snow," showcases the brand's commitment to ensuring safety and hygiene even in the chilliest of terrains. Taking viewers on a trip to Big Snow, a renowned indoor ski slope, the video offers a firsthand look at Matguard's disinfectant in action.

The snowy slopes of Big Snow come alive with skiers and snowboarders, all eager to experience the thrill of winter sports. Ensuring their safety becomes paramount, and this is where Matguard steps in. The video captures the meticulous measures adopted by the Big Snow team, with a special shoutout to Jim Haas and his dedicated crew, to keep their skiers safe and protected.

With Matguard's range of top-tier disinfectants, Big Snow guarantees a clean and hygienic environment for its patrons. The video serves as a testament to the brand's versatility, proving that whether it's the basketball court or the ski slope, Matguard delivers unmatched protection.

So, for those gearing up for their next ski adventure, take a cue from Big Snow and ensure that safety is always at the forefront. Dive into the video and witness Matguard's commitment to sports hygiene, even in the frostiest of settings.