Pads and sports equipment that sit in a bag, a locker or closet all summer are the perfect place for bacteria to grow and spread. Make sure you're taking steps to keep your equipment clean and mold free  for start of the season.

  1. Let your pads air out and make sure they are dry when storing them.  If your pads smell, they're probably contaminated. A warm, moist environment is a hotbed for dangerous bacteria that could lead to skin infections. Letting equipment dry before packing it away can help stop bacteria from growing and prevent the funky smell that comes with it.
  2. Wipe down your pads with disinfectant before putting them in storage.  Taking a second to clean your pads could mean the difference between getting a skin infection and staying disease free. Make sure you pay attention to the type of cleaner you use.  Matguard USA provides a variety of powerful disinfectants that kill bacteria without damaging your equipment.  Matguard Helmet & Pad Sprays and Wipes main ingredient is Isopropyl Alcohol rather Quaternary Ammonium (found in both Lysol and Clorox Wipes) which is known to be hazardous to skin. Our patented formula is the same formula used in our FDA regulated Body Wipes and Skin Disease prevention products.
  3. If you can’t wash your duffle or equipment bag, use Matguard’s Disinfecting Wipes. Give your gym bag--both inside and out--a disinfecting rub down to kill any bacteria or germs, which cause bad odors.

Helmet and Pad Wipes and Sprays will protect your athletes from, MRSA, harmful skin infections and other bacteria issues.

  • Disinfect- Kills MRSA, bacteria, germs, and head lice
  • Prevents "helmet acne"
  • Non-sticky and quick drying-won't drip into eyes or ears
  • No caustic chemicals
  • Eliminates (funky) sports odors
  • Safe on equipment- won't stain or discolor uniforms or equipment

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