Did you know, many nasty smells come from sweat and body fluids sitting on fabric for an extended period of time. Most of these smells are found in your locker room, weight room or in your bag that you bring home.  Bacteria feeds on your sweat, so your clothes are going to get smelly over time, especially when they stay in your bag!  The gas bacteria excrete not only smells foul, but also causes topical skin irritation and even staph infections. Workout clothes should be washed after each practice and washed in hot water to kill germs and fungus that can cause skin infections. 

So why is it then, many kids still wear the same workout clothes at least twice without washing them? Do they like that smell? Most likely, it is because very few like doing laundry. But if you continue to wear the same sweaty clothes without washing them this routine will open the door to skin infections. Hanging them up to air dry is better than leaving them in your bag. But not recommended by parents or coaches. Bacteria eats the sweat, dead skin, etc. from your smelly clothes. 

Another helpful tip is to remove food from your wrestling, hockey or gym bag. Food will rot after a couple days, and you will have trillions of harmful bacteria in your bag just waiting to make you sick. Then you will need to definitely wash your bag and disinfect.

What else can you do to protect you skin and equipment?

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