What gyms are doing to re-open and fight COVID and other skin diseases

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In a nutshell: Owners are committed to keeping their gyms clean, sanitized, and safe for members and guests. It’s much more than social distancing and masks! Each Gym now has a dedicated and highly trained daily cleaning staff with enhanced disinfecting and sanitizing protocols and products. We also found customers are taking on a bigger responsibility to protect themselves and others while using the gym.

What’s new:

  • Restrictions are starting to be lifted, town by town.
  • New plans and steps were introduced and are now beginning to take shape.
  • There is a new sense of obligation to help others in this COVID era!
  • There is an enhanced commitment to safety.
  • More frequent sanitation of high customer touch points.
  • Gyms closes for additional cleaning overnight performed between 11:00 PM – ?
  • 70% Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be made available in common areas
  • In response to any confirmed COVID-19 impact, CDC and local health officials’ guidelines apply related to quarantine and contact tracing. Gyms will be closed for a professional, deep cleaning and disinfectant before reopening to the public.


What most gyms are doing to reopen and to remain opened:

Start with a plan. Don’t wait to order your cleaning and disinfectant product. There is a shortage and it is getting harder and harder to find. Plan and order now before it’s too late. Why MATGUARD for Gyms and Health-Clubs

Include in your plan your new cleaning and sanitation protocols:

1. Identify all frequently touched surfaces needing to be cleaned frequently for your safety and the safety of your customers, i.e., Handles, doors, machines, mats, restrooms and locker rooms

2. First clean with soap and water be sure to wear the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

3. Sanitize using EPA approved disinfectant. A cleaning solution of 70% alcohol is recommended by the CDC. What MATGUARD Kills

4. Identified items that can be moved or removed completely to reduce the risk of contamination and increase social distancing.

5. Determine how often will equipment be wiped down with an EPA approved disinfectant by gym personnel. See MATGUARD products for Gyms and Health Clubs

6. Be sure to clean the mats regularly to avoid skin diseases as well as minimize Covid-19 germs. A disinfectant with a 70% alcohol content is recommended by the CDC. See our Blog on Cleaning Mats

7. EPA approved disinfectants are effective against Covid-19 when applied according to manufacturer's instructions. Try MATPRO Cleaning Solutions


What part do customers play:

● Always wipe down gym equipment before and after use.

Always bring your own 70% alcohol-based sprays and wipes in case your gym runs out. How MATGUARD stacks up

If your gym equipment isn't cleaned regularly or not up to your standards, talk to the management about more regular cleaning.

● Bring a towel to cover benches or to wipe down machines when you are done.

Gloves can help protect your hands from germs while preventing calluses and improving your grip strength. MATGUARD is not a Gel

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