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The entire 2021 March Madness NCAA tournament will take place in Indiana. The majority of the games played will take place be in Indianapolis. Lucas Oil Stadium hosts the tournament in the Elite Eight, Final Four and national championship rounds. The overall goal is to minimize travel by teams and keep a consistent protocol in place for COVID-19 testing for players and staff.

The NCAA will allow a limited number of fans to attend all games in its men’s basketball championship tournament. The NCAA staff and body said it made the decision for 25-percent capacity with social distancing enforced in conjunction with state and local health officials. All attendees must wear face coverings.

In addition, the NCAA has completely bought out the Hyatt, Marriott and Westin hotels in downtown Indianapolis to help minimize the possibility of contact with outside parties. 

So, you can see protocols are in place for masks, social distancing and testing. But what about disinfectant protocols at all these venues, hotels, restaurants, busses, planes, etc.? That is a lot of frequently touched surfaces.  Over 5000 sports teams do use Matguard Products  and MATPRO Cleaning Solutions.  Matguard is non- staining and deodorizes the surfaces that it cleans and disinfects.

Learn more about MATGUARD® Surface Products. It is compatible with a wide variety of hard surface materials, including those found in the environments where the product is most likely to be used. If there is a question about compatibility it is always a good idea to test MATGUARD® on an inconspicuous area before application over a broader surface. MATGUARD® does not contain any quaternary ammonium compounds, phenols, chlorine, glutaraldehyde, peroxide, acids, or caustic soda, or any substance that may leave a residue, discolor the surface being treated, contribute to allergies to such ingredients, or present risk a toxic reaction.

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