Stay Vigilant Against Disease

Stay Vigilant Against Disease

As the Covid-19 Pandemic is nearing an end. Restrictions are loosening up around the country, life is returning to normal again. This is great news; it has been what we have been hoping for the past 2 years. Although it is ending, the need to keep proper personal hygiene in order to stay protected from not just Covid, but other diseases is still vitally important.


Case in point; Did anyone else not even get a common cold during the peak of the pandemic? Every year I would get a nasty cold in the winter going back years since I was a child, but these past 2 winters, nothing.  Attributed that to the fact that mine along with everyone else’s hygiene was put into overdrive. I washed my hands constantly. I wiped down everything. Importantly my use of Matguard Hand & Body sprays and wipes after workouts and wrestling practice, in my opinion, stopped me from being in contact with viruses. I knew people around me and who I worked out got sick, but I never did. Proper sanitizing methods worked. Matguard worked.


Our upgraded hygiene and basic common-sense approaches were a big factor in what kept us safe, and now just because of the end of the pandemic, we should not go back to poorer hygiene, that is not sensible. We are all in a mode now to stay clean and healthy, so why go back? Now of course it is not at the required level as days in the past, but still very important.

With spring sports approaching rapidly, we still advise keeping the equipment of your athletes clean, with our Helmet and Pad products that can be done quick and easy so your equipment is always ready to use. Keep your athletes safe and healthy this upcoming season with Matguard and Helmet and Pad products.



How does our product protect your body?

Over 5000 sports teams use and trust Matguard’s body wipes to prevent skin infection and Matguard’s Helmet and Pads to wipe or spray down their gear to stop the spread of germs and viruses. Also, check out Matguard Athletic surface disinfectants and cleaners for your everyday cleaning.


MATGUARD protects YOU from the nasty stuff! Our goal is to provide the best quality, easiest to use, and affordable products available to our market while playing an integral role in educating athletes, coaches and trainers on how to protect against infectious diseases and cross-contamination of equipment thereby reducing the effects of bacteria on people involved in sports.

To learn more about how Matguard is effective against a broad spectrum of germs & viruses, click here.