Spring Cleaning: Disinfect Your Gym Floors

Spring Cleaning: Disinfect Your Gym Floors

With spring in full swing, it is time to give your gym floors a good cleaning. In this blog post, we're going to talk about the importance of cleaning gym floors and introduce you to our Mega Mop Starter Kit, the perfect tool for disinfecting and cleaning all types of surfaces.

Why cleaning gym floors is important

Gym floors are a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and germs. With so many people using the gym every day, it is important to clean and disinfect the floors regularly to prevent the spread of illness. Dirty floors can also lead to slips, falls, and injuries, making it crucial to keep them clean and dry. Moreover, it is crucial to create a hygienic and safe environment for everyone who uses the gym.

Introducing the Mega Mop Starter Kit

At Matguard USA, we have the perfect solution for disinfecting and cleaning gym floors, the Mega Mop Starter Kit. This kit includes everything you need to tear into dirt and grime and keep your gym floors clean and safe.

The Grip-Tight "The Beast" Mop Frame

The Mega Mop Starter Kit features the Grip-Tight "The Beast" Mop Frame, which is designed to attach and detach mop pads easily. This feature ensures that you can quickly and easily swap between dry and wet mop heads. The mop head rotates a full 360 degrees, allowing you to clean even the toughest areas.

Microfiber 50" Wet or Dry Mop Heads

The Mega Mop Starter Kit also includes two Microfiber 50" Wet or Dry Mop Heads. These mop heads are developed to withstand hundreds of washings and are made of 80/20 microfiber/polyester fiber for better scrubbing. Hundreds of thousands of porous microscopic fibers remove bacteria from mats and other surfaces, leaving your floors clean and safe.

"The Beast" Telescoping Mega Mop Handle

The Mega Mop Starter Kit comes with "The Beast" Telescoping Mega Mop Handle. The 70" telescoping stainless steel pole makes cleaning quicker and less burdensome. It is easy to handle, even for a big mop, and is designed to be used with the Grip-Tight "The Beast" Mop Frames.

Six Gallon Bucket with Sealing Lid

The kit also includes a six-gallon bucket with a sealing lid for disinfecting and storage. The bucket is perfect for storing up to eight Matguard MatPro Microfiber Pocket Mop Heads or three-sided up to four microfibers 50" Wet Mope Heads. The graduation marks in gallons and liters make it easy to measure the cleaning solution, and the E-Z carrying handle makes it easy to move the bucket around.

In conclusion, cleaning gym floors is essential for creating a safe and hygienic environment for everyone who uses the gym. With the Mega Mop Starter Kit from Matguard USA, you can easily disinfect and clean all types of surfaces, including gym floors. So, get your Mega Mop Starter Kit today and give your gym floors the deep cleaning they deserve.