Road Trip? Don’t forget to take and use your 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Spray!

Road Trip? Don’t forget to take and use your 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Spray!

Are you planning a summer family road trip? RV sales and rentals are way up! But is it safe? How can you protect your family? Experts say there is no way to completely steer clear of Covid-19 while travelling but there are some simple things you can do to minimize your risk of contracting the virus or passing it onto others if you have been exposed.

As your vacation date approaches, make sure no one in your travelling party is ill or has been exposed to Covid-19. Take a few minutes to check with state and local government guidelines for your final destination and along your specific route for any pertinent information. Be sure to pack your face mask to wear in public places and most importantly be sure to pack enough hand sanitizer and surface disinfectants to last your entire trip. You will always want to keep your sanitizer and disinfectant with you for use in campgrounds, rest stops, gas stations, outdoor or take out restaurants, your car, hotel rooms or any place where droplets can land, or germs can grow.

The Center for Disease Control recommends using a sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol. Not all sanitizers are created equally. How many times have you used a hand sanitizer only to have it dry out your hands making them itch and burn? MATGUARD products are designed to protect from germs and at the same time contain a moisturizer to keep your skin from drying out. For that on-the-go protection, use an 8 oz product that can protect your entire family and be readily available. Especially, when there is little or no access to soap and water.

MATGUARD Hand and Body Cleanse contain 70% isopropyl alcohol in combination with a patented chemical and a pharmaceutical-grade skin moisturizer. When these

ingredients are combined, the chemical slows the evaporation rate of the alcohol on the skin providing enough time for the alcohol to break down the cell walls and denature germs and bacteria cells. The skin conditioner counterbalances any drying effect on the body. Never drying out your skin.

For those frequently touched surfaces and cross country trips, try our 32 OZ MATGUARD Surface-Disinfectants EPA registered MATGUARD® Premium Surface Disinfectant is a bleach-free patented isopropyl alcohol formula. It is a non-irritating solution to safely clean and disinfect any surface and ensure a long-life span for all your summer gear and surfaces. No gloves required. The responsible choice!

Whether you stay close to home or travel this summer keep your journey safe and remember to keep your hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant nearby.