New Year, Same Germs.

New Year, Same Germs.

“Out with the old, in with the new” is commonly heard around the New Year, but is that the case in 2021?

We are already a few days into the new year, and it’s clear that some things from 2020 will be rolling over into 2021. To name a few, mask wearing, social distancing and the sanitization practices will continue. 

Last year we were blinded by the virus, and most of us started paying attention to our disinfecting practices for the first time. Which caused inventory shortages for many products on retailer’s shelves. As a result, shoppers began to buy any brand hand sanitizer and disinfectant on the market that were in stock…often without knowing what was even in them. Unfortunately, months later consumers learned there were hundreds of brand recalls.  Shoppers also learned that many brands dried out their hands and skin, which no one wants.

In 2021, do not make the same mistakes. Do your research on brands and their ingredients. Choose a company like Matguard that never dries out your hands and that is safe on skin and equipment. Learn more about Matguard and how they stack up against others.

Since 2005, Matguard has helped over 5000 sports teams elevate their health and safety protocols. These measures and best practices protected their teams from spreading the virus and helped keep their season alive. Matguard also helped keep many small business owners open during these difficult times. 

This year consider buying larger quantities of your favorite antibacterial and disinfectant products like Matguard that has premium ingredients that never dry out your hands and skin and has a shelf life of three years. You can buy Matguard products online too and our sprays and wipes are in stock now.  

Whether your new year’s resolution is to save money, be more eco-friendly, or stick to a budget, do not let what happened in 2020 happen again. Stock up now with antibacterial and disinfectant products you can trust and kills COVID-19. 

Have a safe and healthy new year!