New COVID-19 Football Guidelines

New COVID-19 Football Guidelines

As football activities begin to start up again in some communities throughout the United States, there are some considerations football organizations can take to protect themselves and keep both their players and their family members safe from COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued suggested guidelines to help minimize risks.

Local and state regulations have new guidelines. See shortlist below:

  • Staggering practices to maintain small groups of athletes which aid in maintaining social distancing.
  • • Require athletes to bring their own ball with them for use in certain drills.
  • Team balls may be used in other drills and the coaches will be responsible for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing team balls and cones.
  • Hand sanitizers should be readily available to all athletes during the practice.


But let’s be clear, there is much more to disinfect than team balls, cones and hands. Each School has a large locker room; a busy weight room; a gym floor; bleachers; tackle dummies; practice sleds; hundreds of helmet and pads; hundreds of chin straps; and a couple of dozens of footballs.

The list of athletic surfaces goes on and they all must be wiped or sprayed down. These are not household surfaces such as counters and doorknobs. Sports sanitizers and disinfectants kill more than germs (MRSA, staph, ringworm, impetigo, COVID and other bacteria) and on a larger scale, on contact. Also, if applicable…prevents helmet acne and is scientifically proven to kill lice, nits and bed bugs.

Let’s not forget your team has no or little time to shower or wash their hands with soap and water, often. Especially at a game or practice.

Helmet and Pads are the perfect product to handle the job in high foot traffic or large areas! Helmet & Pads is quick-drying, non-sticky, non-caustic and will not degrade your equipment. Safe on skin too!

Don’t forget to sterilize, decontaminate and cleanse your gear. Helmet & Pad Disinfectant by Matguard ® protects you from harmful germs and bacteria including COVID-19. Spray down helmets and pads to safely clean and disinfect all equipment used for Football.

When implementing new standards, actions should be guided by what is practical, acceptable, and tailored to the needs of each community. Keep in mind, it may be wise to consult with your Local and State Health Officials to ensure the needs of the community are being met. Keep in mind standards may change often according to each community.

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