Keep Your Ski Gear Free of Funk

Keep Your Ski Gear Free of Funk

We all know that smell. “The funk”, some call it. The odor of unwashed athletic gear is truly unforgettable. It lingers in helmets, and the foam of helmets and goggles holds it deep in their pores. Those of you pulling your ski or snowboard gear out of the basement for your winter ski trip may know it well.

The “funk” doesn’t just consist of the odor it emits. Bacteria lingers on helmet surfaces, a disconcerting thought for people who rent their gear, especially in the times of COVID. These bacteria can also carry unwanted skin diseases or cause “helmet acne”.

There’s only one way to prevent the nasty smells and bacteria associated with athletic gear “funk”: regular washing and disinfecting of your helmets, goggles, or any other equipment.

We know… after a long day of skiing or snowboarding, the only thing you want to do is throw your smelly gear as far away from you as possible, and kick back with a hot chocolate by the fire. But just a simple swipe of a Matguard Helmet & Pad Wipe will go a long way in preventing the dreaded “funk”. Here’s how and when to sanitize:

  • If you own your own gear, sanitize immediately. Simply pass the wipe along all surfaces of your helmet and goggles, especially in the crevices.
  • Always sanitize again before putting your gear away for the season. 
  • If you rent gear, the rental shop will probably have a good handle on disinfecting. Check out our video blog post a few weeks back.  However, if you want to ensure protection from bacteria for you and your family, bring along your own 8oz personal size hand and body cleanse.

Don’t let the funk anywhere near your gear this season. With Matguard products, your only worry this ski trip will be the moguls on the double black diamonds.