Keep Your Athletes Focused This Winter Sports Season

Keep Your Athletes Focused This Winter Sports Season


This time of the year your young athletes are normally sharpening their skates for ice hockey, buying new Jordan’s for basketball, and bulking up for wrestling. But this winter season, schedules are up in the air. Many coaches, athletes, parents, and their schools are waiting on word from Health Organizations, about whether the Winter Sports Season is a go.

It’s a time of uncertainty, and even as the season gets closer and closer, a clear vision of what is the “right” thing to do has yet to come into focus.

Whether your young athletes will compete this winter or not, it’s important to keep their spirits high. In a recent interview with The Doctors, legendary Giant Michael Strahan had an inspiring message for kids. Don’t lose your focus… You can still get better at what you want to be so that when you come back, you will be right where you need to be, which is ready to go."

Patience is a virtue, according to Strahan, but there’s a lot we can do while we’re waiting. Home gyms, virtual training via YouTube videos, and downloadable winter training programs are all great ideas to keep your athletes motivated if they find themselves sidelined this winter.

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