Proclaimed “germaphobes” normally receive an unfair reputation. People like to poke fun at those who go above and beyond to keep themselves safe from germs and viruses, but they are just trying to stay safe. To each their own, right? Oftentimes, however, germaphobic practices affect people around the germaphobe, people who may not care about germs all that much. Like, if a mother were a germaphobe, her children would also likely be forced to follow in her footsteps, assimilating to all of their mother’s germ-fighting ways. Now, let's imagine a high school football coach was a germaphobe who made sure everyone in his program was taking proper steps to satisfy his phobia of germs.

Would that be okay? 

While we would never encourage a coach to force his program to abide by his or her cleaning demands, we do think that a germ-conscious coach can be very beneficial to the health of a high school football program. With the Delta variant of Covid-19 spreading rapidly, this upcoming football season will test a program’s ability to take the proper precautions to stay safe. An outbreak of the virus can quickly put a team’s season in jeopardy, and that goes without mentioning the many other health risks that pose a threat to coaches and players throughout a season. The close contact of all involved allows diseases outside of Covid-19 to spread, including the flu, stomach bugs, and more.

Additionally, the blood and sweat shed during practices and games subject players to possible infections and skin diseases, like ring-worm. So, how would a germaphobe coach help prevent these health risks from becoming real issues in their program? The coach’s germaphobe habits would simply help keep everything clean. Constant sanitizing and disinfecting would decrease the amount of infectious bacterias and germs lingering on surfaces throughout the program. Being in crowded areas like weight rooms and locker rooms would be much safer due to the clean culture that the coach enforces. In these times more than ever, staying healthy and clean is very important. A little cleaning can go a long way. If a coach is making sure everyone is doing their part, a team is much more likely to prevent an outbreak of disease, and in turn, keep the team’s season rolling. 

It Is Okay

So yes, it is okay, probably even beneficial to have a coach who is a germaphobe. Especially during this season, keeping clean and healthy will be a priority and a health-conscious coach will only help that cause. With the right cleaning tendencies and products, the whole program can help keep the team on the field throughout the entire season. Matguard cleaning and disinfectant products are industry leaders in sports disinfectants and are ready to help your germaphobe coach kill the many germs that may be lingering around the team. For players’ equipment, check out Matguard’s Helmet & Pad Disinfectants. To keep surfaces clean, shop Matguard’s various Surface Disinfectant products. To rid the skin of any harmful germs that can cause infection, use Matguard’s Skin Disease Prevention products.