How to Make Your Hockey Equipment Last Longer

How to Make Your Hockey Equipment Last Longer

A lot of hockey players are dreaming of new equipment for the holidays. Getting new hockey gear is great, but you want to keep it "new" for as long as possible. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your hockey gear in good shape.

Dry Funky Gear

Almost every hockey player (and hockey parent) knows that hockey equipment becomes sweaty, damp, and smelly after a game or practice. Hockey gear stored in a trunk or garage never really dries out or airs out. Players can develop skin infections and rashes as a result of bacteria growth.

Don't forget to dry your gear every time you use it. Investing in a $30 - $100 hockey equipment drying rack can save you a lot of time and money. With some PVC pipe and some ingenuity, you can even make your own.

Hockey Equipment Cleaning and Deodorization

At Matguard USA, we really do a good job of reducing bacteria and hockey odor. A cleaning treatment every 2-3 months would be worthwhile if you are on the ice a few times a week. Doing a deep clean twice a season would work for someone who doesn't play as often. For hockey players, we recommend our Helmet & Pad Spray, Helmet & Pad Wipes and Athletic Body Wipes.

You can use a deodorizing spray like our Helmet & Pad by MATGUARD® - (Personal Size) 8oz Spray (70% Alcohol) between cleaning treatments to keep bacteria at bay.

Keep Your Hockey Skates Sharp

Keep your hockey skates in good condition and educate yourself on your options before investing in them.

In order to maintain optimum performance, blades must be carefully maintained.

Here are some skate blade maintenance tips:

  • Sharpening is crucial for players to be able to start, stop and maneuver well on the ice.
  • Skate guards will help protect your blades and keep them sharp longer. They are a must-have when walking with skates when you are not on the ice.
  • Keep ‘em dry! Your skates’ biggest enemy is rust and it’s easy to prevent. Just have a towel handy to wipe your blades clean and dry.

Care For Your Gloves

Your hockey gloves work hard for you, so you should work hard for them. Hockey gloves need a little maintenance love.

One of the biggest problems with hockey gloves is the smell. This is usually from the build-up of adhesive tape, sweat and dirt. Again, drying them out properly every time will really help. There are also great deodorizing products on the market like our Helmet & Pad Spray which absorbs moisture, inhibits bacteria growth, and eliminates odors.

Hockey Gear Care

Of course, there are more than just gloves and skates to maintain. For hockey sticks to last a long time, they must be cared for properly.

What about the rest of your hockey gear? Here are some quick pointers:

  • Helmets – Did you know that hockey helmets expire? That's right, just like car seats. Check the date on hockey hand-me-downs, especially. Use our Helmet & Pad wipes to get rid of bacteria.
  • Fitting your gear – Hockey gear is all about the fit. You can extend the life of your equipment by ensuring a good fit.
  • Shoulder and elbow pads – Airing out the gear prevents damage and bacteria growth.. Regularly clean and deodorize with our disinfectant spray as well as wipes.
  • Mouth guard – This is definitely a piece of hockey gear you want to keep clean! Invest in a custom-fit mouthguard - it will last longer and protect you better. To prevent bacteria growth on your mouth guard, brush it with toothpaste and store it in an airtight case with air holes for ventilation.
  • Hockey socks – Those hockey socks are protective gear, too! It's time to replace worn-looking hockey socks if they have holes.

Keep Your Equipment Clean So It Lasts Longer!

So, if you want to keep your hockey gear newer, for longer, take good care of it. Clean it. Dry it. Deodorize it. Maintain it. As a result, your gear will last longer, smell better, and work better. In addition, you'll spend less time and money shopping for new hockey gear!