How to Keep Your Skin and Equipment Clean This Wrestling Season

How to Keep Your Skin and Equipment Clean This Wrestling Season

Skin-to-skin contact is essential to the sport of wrestling. Competitors are highly susceptible to contracting and spreading skin illnesses due to this close contact. At Matguard, we pride ourselves on the prevention of skin diseases in sports with our products. Follow these steps below to ensure your skin, gear, and mats are clean! 

1.) Step One

After each practice and match, disinfect the mats, your skin and other equipment. 

It's so easy to clean mats and other equipment by simply spraying with a pump sprayer and letting it dry. Ensure that wrestling mat tape is removed and cleaned every thirty days or less. There is a perfect place for bacteria and mold to hide and grow under the tape. If a mat has rips or tears, resurface it or replace it immediately. Germs and bacteria cannot penetrate foam once it has been exposed. You should wipe your skin down as soon as you step off the mat. This will remove the bacteria that causes ringworm. After touching the mats, wipe your arms, legs, and any other parts of your body down.

2.) Step Two

Equipment and wrestling gear should be sprayed with Matguard Disinfectant Spray both inside and outside. Once you get home you should take a shower. To remove the rest of the bacteria from the mats, wash your body and use our body foam cartridges. Within an hour of practice ending, complete this step.

  • Headgear: Concentrate on the forehead area and straps when spraying inside. To dry, remove inserts and let them air dry. For best results, spray the helmet's crown and crevices to prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria from growing.
  • Pads and protectors: Spray the hard caps as well as the porous undersides of the pads.
  • Shoes: If possible, remove the soles. To eliminate odor, bacteria, and fungus, thoroughly spray both sides of the sole as well as the inside of the shoe.
  • Gym bag: Don't store sweaty or wet clothing or gear in your gym bag, and spray inside and out.

3.) Step Three

Change your clothes after your shower and wash them before wearing them again! After treating with Matguard Disinfectant spray, hang or store equipment in a well-ventilated area and allow to fully air dry. Store gear in dry, dry, clean environments, as damp, musty environments can lead to bacteria, mold, mildew, and bad odors.

Our Prevention-Based Products for Wrestlers 

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