A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Football Helmet:

A football helmet, being a player's primary line of defense on the field, accumulates sweat, dirt, and grime with each game. Proper cleaning not only maintains its shine but also ensures hygiene. Here's a step-by-step guide using Matguard's trusted products:

Start with the Basics: Before introducing any cleaning products, always brush off loose dirt or grass from the helmet's exterior. This pre-cleaning step ensures a more effective deep clean.

Matguard's Helmet and Pad Spray: This product is a game-changer for helmet cleaning. Spray our disinfectant spray a generous amount on the helmet's exterior and interior. Its formula is designed to tackle tough grime and also deodorize, leaving your helmet smelling fresh.

Tackle the Face Guard and Chin Strap: These areas often harbor more sweat and can be a bit tricky. Use Matguard's disinfectant wipes to scrub away stubborn dirt from the face guard and chin strap. The wipes are not only effective but also convenient for these intricate areas.

Rinse and Dry: After cleaning, take a damp cloth to wipe down the helmet, ensuring no residue remains. Always air dry the helmet in a well-ventilated area, avoiding direct sunlight which can compromise the helmet's material.

Skin Protection: Post-cleaning, it's a good practice to use Matguard's antibacterial body wipes on your skin. This ensures that while your helmet is clean, your skin is protected from potential infections.

The Matguard Difference 

Helmets look great when they are clean. And often they are seen as the symbol of a high school, college. or professional football team. Notice how shiny they are on the outside? But what about the inside of the Helmet?

Football is almost always played outdoors in the late summer and fall months. So it is common for football players to sweat during practice in the heat. Or play in the rain or snow. So the goal for most coaches and players is to keep their team’s football helmet and pads clean and free from smells causing bacteria.

To avoid making your helmet a site for bacterial growth and to remove dirt and dust that build up inside your helmet after a game or practice, you need to regularly keep it clean and safe. Football is not only a messy game. It is a high contact sport so be sure to also check for cracks, rust or loose fasteners and attend to them quickly for safety. 

Helmet and Pad by MATGUARD have helped over 5000 sports teams learn easy methods on how to clean a football helmet. No one can escape from sweat and dirt that builds up inside your helmet after a long practice.  Sure, there are a few household items, you can use to help keep your helmet clean and free from smells. The issue with household cleaners they take forever to dry.

Importance of Helmet and Pads Bacteria Disinfectants 

Bacteria from the skin and sweat can accumulate in the deepest parts of the helmet, for example, the pads. By spraying the entire interior region using a disinfectant spray, you can get rid of it. Keep your football helmet in an upright position after spraying, until it is dry. You can also use our Helmet and Pad by MATGUARD XL wipes to wipe down helmets and pads to safely clean and disinfect all equipment.

Our Helmet & Pad Disinfectants are also used by a diverse client list that includes police departments, corrections facilities, military, border patrol, fire departments, ambulance squads, action sports facilities, batting cages, ski resorts, Construction helmets, motorcycle/ATV/Segway/Bike Rental shops. Our product aids in the prevention of helmet lice, lice nits, and lice eggs. In addition to spread of harmful bacteria on sports equipment including MRSA, Ringworm, helmet acne, Impetigo, skin funk, bacteria.

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