In recent months, widespread vaccinations and a reduced number of Covid-19 infections nationwide have displayed America’s great progress toward escaping the pandemic that has impacted us all since March of 2020. In the wake of these breakthroughs, most states have lifted their mandatory mask mandates. There has been praise and criticism for this ruling. Personally, I am excited to finally be able to take the mask off for one main reason: acne. As a teenage intern here at Matguard, I have gone through this past year fighting off acne stemming from constant itching. As well as the trapping of heat and sweat beneath my mask. But alas, my face is free to breath, eliminating the influx of pimples on my face.

Highschool Athletes 

Unfortunately for high school athletes, they will likely only be able to enjoy this facial freedom for a few more months. Before it is time to put the helmet and pads back on for the fall season. When reminiscing on my days as a high school athlete. I remember all the times that I had noticed patches of acne after playing sports in head gear, pads, and other types of protections. This has been and always will be the unfortunate consequence of sweating while padding restricts the skin from breathing. However, with the season still a few months away, it is not too late for teams to get their hands on a product that can sanitize and disinfect their equipment. Keeping acne to a minimum. Which is why, I and over 5000 Sports teams use Matguard  to aid in the prevention of bacteria and germ issues.

Matguard’s Helmet and Pad bacterial disinfectants have kept athlete’s equipment clean for over 15 years, preventing the development of acne and infections from bacteria that may be housed on school provided helmets and pads. MATGUARD® Antiseptic Body Wipes & Sprays contain a fast acting and highly effective patented formulation. 

For skin disease prevention use Matguard’s Antiseptic Body Wipes and Sprays . The entire product line is recommended for use by people involved in contact sports and physical activity.