Every level of sports has made great strides over the years, but perhaps no level has made a bigger jump than high school sports. It is hard to believe in this COVID Era, but high school sports are back. Some high schools, rivals that of collegiate programs. Some schools have dominant teams in many different sports, while others specialize in just one or two sports, like football and wrestling. More sports mean a student athlete must choose which one to join, making it harder for the coaches to field their school’s best athletes and be competitive. 

The United States has over 37,000 high schools. Some schools have dominant teams and athletic programs, which are a cut above the rest. Scouts and video streaming games are back. With this increased exposure to high school sports, a bigger spotlight has been placed on athletic programs. Especially when comes to elevating health and safety protocols. 

The number one priority for a coach is to keep their players safe. Athletes with Covid have protocols like players with concussions, that they must follow before returning. But what are coaches and schools doing to mitigate Covid and prevent concussions? We would like to think, the commonality between Covid and concussions begins with Helmet and Pads. 

Schools are purchasing better helmet and pads to prevent concussions and many coaches are using the best disinfectant sprays and wipes on helmet and pads to keep their team safe!  For the 5000 sports teams that use the number one sports disinfectant brand, Matguard, they now understand that it is more than wearing masks and social distancing. 

Check out below what over 5000 Sports Teams are ordering for this season:

When soap and water is not available, they use Matguard’s Hand & Body Cleanse spray to kill germs and mitigate the spread to other students and players. Unlike other sanitizers, Matguard’s patented formula never dries out your skin. 

For equipment cleaning, they use and trust Matguard’s industry leading Helmet & Pad Disinfectants. It is fast drying, safe on skin and equipment. Does not leave a residue.

High Schools prefer a high concentrated formula when disinfecting large areas, like weight and locker rooms. They use Matguard’s MatPRO Cleaning solutions  that are ideal for cleaning the many high-touched surfaces that surround you and your team.