With the fall sports season coming to an end, what do we know about virus transmission?

Many high schools and colleges went into this fall season full of uncertainty. Is it safe to play? Should we sit this season out?  

As winter rolls in and the season comes to an end, researchers have begun to tackle the issue of whether, or to what degree, high school football influenced the spread of COVID-19. 

In September, the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health surveyed 207 high schools participating in fall sports, representing over 30,000 student athletes. According to the Chicago-Sun Times, "The survey found 271 athletes contracted the virus overall compared with 2,318 Wisconsin children aged 14-17 over the month of September." No sports were found to have a higher incidence rate of the virus. All the schools reported having multiple safety measures in place during sports practices and events. 

The study is thought to be "encouraging" for the immediate future of high school sports, but the researchers noted that more studies must be done to get a more complete picture. The study also did not mention the spread of COVID-19 among players' families. 

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*Note: This post references this Chicago-Sun Times article, and Matguard does not have an official stance on whether or not schools should participate in sports in the upcoming seasons.