Matguard products are not used for just “Mats”. There are multiple applications! For  example, did you know you can use Matguard products to protect your athletes and  their equipment from germs and viruses? And… It is safe on skin and equipment. 

Also don’t let our past fool you where we originally started working with only Hospitals,  Doctor Offices, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Surgical Centers, Physical Therapy and Health  Care Aids. A decade later we still use the same patented formula that was originally  designed for Hospitals in Sport Programs too. Our proprietary high level alcohol formula  (70% + Our Patented Dermo-Blend Technology) helps protect against infectious  diseases and medical/athletic surface and equipment cross-contamination.  

Since Covid, Helmet & Pad Disinfectants are our top seller for sports. But they are also  used by a diverse client list that includes police departments, corrections facilities,  military, border patrol, fire departments, ambulance squads, action sports facilities,  batting cages, ski resorts, construction helmets, motorcycle/ATV/Segway/Bike Rental  shops. Our product aids in the prevention of helmet lice, lice nits, lice eggs in addition to  spread of harmful bacteria on sports equipment including MRSA, Ringworm, helmet  acne, Impetigo, skin funk, bacteria. 

Matguard works well with people who sweat and protects athletes from germs, bacteria,  and all that nasty stuff. Learn more about Us. And find out why over 5000 Sport Teams  use and trust Matguard products. 

Now you know, we do more that disinfect mats. But we do also offer top rated mat  disinfectants, mat cleaners, mops, oversized mops, bucketless mops and mat  deodorizers. They are used everyday by thousands of Wrestling Clubs, Gymnastics,  Yoga, Pilates, Trampoline, Karate, MMA, Health Clubs, Gyms, Play Areas, Arena's,  sports equipment for the prevention of MRSA, Ringworm, HIV, Blood Borne Pathogens, Staph, Viral Infections, bacterial Infections and Fungus prevention. Check out our  MatPro line