It is true, athletics officials continue to tighten up COVID protocols when State Department of Health and Human Services reports an increase in clusters among middle and high school sports teams. This is because now Health and Safety protocols overall are taken more seriously among coaches, athletes, and parents then when they were first introduced.

Regardless of the sport, coaches know any game could be their last. Players and parents also know their season is at stake. This is especially a huge concern for seniors and their parents.

We have found most teams have tightened safety protocols since practices first began.

Yes, there are areas where we need give kids space to have fun, but also make sure

they are well-informed and understand what they are supposed to be doing. In other areas like the weight room or when they go into locker room. Everyone needs to be diligent in practicing the safety measures in place. They all need to pay attention to necessary protocols, and to their own safety, but at the same to their teammate’s safety.

At Matguard, we continue to work with our sports teams with the most up-to-date guidance and best practices for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in high school athletic team settings.

If you are a coach, we strongly recommend what over 5000 sports teams are doing and using this season:

When soap and water is not available, they use Matguard’s Hand & Body Cleanse spray to kill germs and mitigate the spread to other students and players. Unlike other sanitizers, Matguard’s patented formula never dries out your skin.

For equipment cleaning, they use and trust Matguard’s industry leading Helmet & Pad Disinfectants. It is fast drying, safe on skin and equipment. Does not leave a residue.

High Schools prefer a high concentrated formula when disinfecting large areas, like weight and locker rooms. They use Matguard’s MatPRO Cleaning solutions that are ideal for cleaning the many high-touched surfaces that surround you and your team.