Athletes' Guide to Avoiding The Flu This Winter

Athletes' Guide to Avoiding The Flu This Winter

It doesn’t take much for them to get a cold or a stomach bug that could completely ruin their chances for an Olympic medal or a World Championship. In many cases, the average traveler may actually have a stronger immune system than an elite athlete, but you can use the same protocols we use with elite athletes to avoid spending your vacation in bed with a cold.

Prevention is all about getting a flu shot and controlling what comes into contact with your eyes, nose, and mouth. Some basic steps can dramatically reduce your chances of becoming ill on the way to a fun or important destination. Over 5000 sports teams use and trust Matguard’s body wipes to prevent skin infection and Matguard’s Helmet and Pads to wipe or spray down their gear to stop the spread of germs and viruses. Also, check out Matguard Athletic surface disinfectants and cleaners for your everyday cleaning.

Keep to yourself:

 While it's difficult during the busy travel season, try to minimize your time spent in crowded terminals and waiting areas. Germs are more easily transferred in close quarters and on the communal property (handrails, etc.). If you’re wearing light winter gloves keep them on as you enter buildings and use public transportation. You need cleaner hands to eat with, so keep germs on the outside!

Wash Frequently: 

You use your hands more frequently than anything else to contact your mouth, nose, and eyes. Be mindful to minimize this contact as much as you can, wash with soap and water before eating anything, and use our 8oz Personal Size Hand & Body Cleanse when soap and water aren’t available. It isn't necessary to be obsessive about keeping your hands clean; until you need to touch your face or eat, dirty hands aren't a problem.

Eat safe:

Food-borne diseases are extremely rare in developed countries, but we wouldn't take a chance with elite athletes, and we'd advise being conservative before heading off on a highly anticipated vacation or business trip. You can choose to consume bottled beverages, peelable fruits and vegetables, and packaged foods with an extended shelf life.

Support your immune system: 

Stay hydrated, sleep well, and minimize stress before a travel day. As your immune system strengthens, you will be able to tolerate more germ exposure before becoming ill.

Staying healthy factors into everything an elite athlete does. They carry their own pen to sign autographs because they know where it’s been. And the fist-bump? It’s not just cool; it ensures that any transferred germs stay on the back of the hand. Some even travel with their own flatware or a stash of sealed, disposable flatware like the ones you get from take-out restaurants. Using Matguard Hand & Body sprays and wipes after workouts and wrestling practice can stop athletes from being in contact with viruses.

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