Are COVID Protocols Getting Better for Sports?

Are COVID Protocols Getting Better for Sports?

Why are so many high school, college and pro sports teams FINALLY practicing and competing? Because proper protocols are now in place for leading sports teams. Including what to do if a player or coach tests positive for COVID-19. Or what if, a player from another team you recently competed against suddenly tests positive? All in the Protocols.

What will be the next big hurdle? We believe gaining 100% compliance with these protocols which includes how to and how often you should disinfect athletic surfaces.

Regardless of who you play against, both teams must take proper steps to minimize the health risks and comply with CDC guidelines. Or else it will become a public health issue and then your season will end. Please ensure your plan includes these key steps to mitigate COVID -19 and that you stock up now with America's #1 disinfectant products:

During team practices:

  • • Conduct temperature checks before practices
  • Conduct practices in small groups.
  • Keep the groups the same for every practice to avoid exposing team members to too many people.
  • • Sanitize and disinfect all the equipment after every practice,
  • • Have hand sanitizer easily accessible to team members and coaches,

During games and/or competitions:

  • Conduct temperature checks. Make sure everyone is healthy and should there be any question, send that team member home.
  • Only allow a few team members and coaches to congregate at a time.
  • If possible, an area of the stands for overflow of team members but be sure players are social distancing.
  • Equipment should be disinfected often. Especially those items touched often by multiple players (i.e. game balls).

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