A Few Tips For Traveling Safely During The Holidays

A Few Tips For Traveling Safely During The Holidays

It's critical to protect yourself against germs this holiday season if you plan to travel. A number of dangerous infectious diseases are spread through airports, airplanes, and ground transportation. Luckily, Matguard is here to provide safer travel during this holiday season. 

1. Wash Your Hands 

After eating and before traveling, wash your hands with soap and water. To stop germs in their tracks when soap is not readily available, keep travel-size hand sanitizers on hand.

2. Strengthen Immune System

Prevent and fight infection by giving your body the tools it needs. Exercise regularly and eat a colorful, antioxidant-rich diet before traveling. To boost your immune system, ask your doctor if any supplements are recommended. Hydrate properly before, during, and after a flight or train ride. Take measures to reduce stress, which takes a toll on immunity. Make sure all vaccines are up-to-date before you travel.

3. Avoid Touching Public Surfaces

Communal areas and high-touch surfaces in airports harbor nasty germs. Make sure that you do not touch door handles, faucets, toilet handles, escalator handrails, or elevator buttons. The airport security bins are more germ-ridden than the toilets, according to studies. After touching high-touch surfaces, keep a travel-size hand sanitizer on hand.

4. Planes and Trains Require Caution When Traveling

When people are escorting luggage or walking down an aisle, aisle seats often get touched. Before using tray tables, spray them with a travel-size disinfectant spray or avoid them altogether. Be cautious when touching the headrests, armrests, and overhead bins, as well as the seat pockets where many passengers store their trash.

5. Travel Size Disinfectant Spray for Luggage

When landing, be sure to wipe down all your luggage with Matguard Wipes and or Disinfectant Spray. Use our travel-size disinfectant spray to ensure no germs are landing back on your luggage. 

Matguard Hand and Body Cleanse contain 70% isopropyl alcohol in combination with a patented chemical and a pharmaceutical-grade skin moisturizer. When these ingredients are combined, the chemical slows the evaporation rate of the alcohol on the skin providing enough time for the alcohol to break down the cell walls and denature germs and bacteria cells. The skin conditioner counterbalances any drying effect on the body. Never dry out your skin.

For those frequently touched surfaces and cross-country trips, try our 32 OZ MATGUARD Surface-Disinfectants EPA registered MATGUARD® Premium Surface Disinfectant is a bleach-free patented isopropyl alcohol formula. It is a non-irritating solution to safely clean and disinfect any surface and ensure a long life span for all your summer gear and surfaces. No gloves are required. The responsible choice!