A Better, Cleaner Yoga

A Better, Cleaner Yoga

Did you know that Matguard cleans more than just helmets, pads, and mats?

Originally aimed at the wrestling market, our product can be used universally! Everything from wrestling, football, hockey, gyms and studios, home and office, rental shops, first responders, medical settings, schools, MMA, construction sites, and yoga, Matguard is the product that has you covered. 

Particularly this summer, use Yoga Matguard Wipes, Matguard Body Wipes, or Yoga Matguard Spray to enhance your yoga experience!

Gym mats and yoga mats are rarely cleaned, which can have a negative impact on your skin. That’s where Matguard comes in. Our product formulations have the highest level of safety, effectiveness, and are recognized for their germ prevention ability on both skin and surfaces.

Specifically, Matguard is an FDA regulated product with a powerful and patented 70% isopropyl alcohol formula. Trusted by many, Matguard is used in over 2,000 sports programs, as well as hundreds of rental centers and first responder facilities. It kills MRSA, staph, impetigo, ringworm, and bacteria. More importantly, it will never dry your skin, won’t stain your clothes, and kills that funky smell in your equipment!

Matguard protects You from the nasty stuff! Our goal is to provide the best quality, easiest to use, and affordable products available, while playing an integral role in educating athletes, coaches, and trainers on how to protect against infectious diseases and cross-contamination of equipment.

MATGUARD Wipes, Sprays, and Foam uses a proprietary formulation containing 70% isopropyl that is highly effective at killing MRSA without drying skin or leaving a sticky residue.

MATGUARD® BODY WIPES contain a patented formulation that has proven to be extremely effective at preventing coming into contact with germs, viruses, and bacteria that can result from physical activity.

MATGUARD antiseptic sprays contain special ingredients that kill 99.9% of the germs, bacteria, and nasty stuff that people involved in athletic activities are prone to.

Check out our MatPRO Cleaning Solutions for mats and surfaces.

To learn more about how Matguard is effective against a broad spectrum of germs & viruses, click here.