How to Clean a Wrestling Mat November 28, 2016 09:00

Knowing how to clean a wrestling mat is integral for every coach and wrestler. Cleaning is traditionally done by mopping the mat with disinfectant solution. Being able to properly disinfect your wrestling mat and keep it clean will not only extend its life, but it will also protect your wrestlers from skin diseases caused by bacterium, fungi, viruses, etc. The information in this guide will walk you through the process of cleaning your mat, which will benefit you and your wrestlers.

1. Sweep the Mat

Before you begin to mop, you must first remove any excess dirt, dust, hair, and other particles from the surface of the mat. The best way to do this is by using a soft-bristled push broom. Keep the broom in contact with the mat, and push all particles off of the mat. You can do this one of two ways:

  1. Start at one corner of the mat, and move the broom in a straight line. Push all of the particles onto a space off the mat and shake the broom out each time you reach the opposite end.
  2. Start at one corner and keep the broom in contact with the mat the entire time. Turn or pivot the broom when you reach each end of the mat (keeping the collection of particles on the mat) and eventually push all the particles off the mat near the entrance of the facility.