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The regular cleaning and disinfecting of wrestling, tumbling and apparatus mats, wall padding, and vinyl-covered surfaces of exercise and weight training equipment is a critical deterrent to the spread of skin infections such as ringworm and impetigo. Effective spot cleaning when blood is present is required to reduce the risk of indirect transmission of bloodborne pathogens such as hepatitis B virus. The following guidelines are recommended for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that are used regularly in organized sports activities and the physical education program:

• RESPONSIBILITY Team managers, team members, or others designated by the coach normally will perform the daily cleaning and disinfecting of the sport-specific equipment (e.g., wrestling mats). Generally, this is not considered the responsibility of the custodial staff. The director of student activities or other appropriate administrator should designate who is responsible for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that are used by more than one team or group. Members of the physical education staff are responsible for the proper cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces used in their programs.

• FREQUENCY Clean and disinfect the contact surfaces daily or at least immediately prior to each period of use or event. Clean and disinfect both sides of reversible, portable mats. Large floor mats that are not permanently fixed to the floor should be rolled over to clean the underside at least weekly. The floor beneath the mats should be cleaned at the same time.






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