Hello World!

Hello World!

Hello and welcome to Matguard’s blog. We are very excited to start our venture into the blog world. Matguard is making amazing strides and growing faster than ever.

Why Blog?

We have started this blog in order to keep people informed on a number of topics. Not only do we want to keep our audience informed on all the great products that Matguard has to offer, we also wish to keep you informed on everything in our field from the important stuff, like MRSA and cleanliness, tips and alerts, to the fun things such as sports.

What is Matguard’s Goal?

Matguard’s overall goal as a company is to keep Athlete’s healthy, and aid in the prevention ofskin diseases like MRSA and Impetigo. Matguard offers a wide range of premium products, from our antiseptic body wipes and sprays, to our disinfecting equipment and surface wipes and liquids and our highly effective Helmet & Pad Cleaners used by thousands of programs nationwide. Germs are a problem in all contact sports and Matguard combats that with our innovative, safe and effective products.

Who uses Matguard?

Matguard products have been used by Thousands of Athletes every year. We are used in every contact sport including wrestling, MMA, Boxing, Football, Hockey, Lacrosse and anywhere there is a concern about skin infections. We have been endorsed by USA Wrestling after a two year medical review, USA Wrestling is the Organization responsible for Olympic and Youth Wrestling in the USA. Matguard was determined to be the most effective and best sports antibacterial product on the market by an Independent study from The University of Minnesota. Over twenty Professional Sports Teams, Hundreds of Colleges and Thousands of High School and Youth programs trust Matguard to help aid in the prevention of skin disease.

Who else uses Matguard?

Matguard products are sold into the Medical field and are used in Hospitals, Clinics, Doctor Offices and anywhere there is a concern for bacteria contamination. We are also used in police departments, Emergency Medical Services, Corrections Facilities and Fire Departments. Our products are an accepted standard practice for cleaning Health Clubs and Gyms, Locker Rooms, Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapy rooms. Matguard’s Disinfectant products are rated Hospital Grade and have been used for over 20 years for the safety and results.

What Makes Matguard Special?

What makes Matguard’s formula different from other products? Matguard has two patents on our formula. The first patent is for the a process that we developed for slowing down the evaporation rate of high level Alcohol. The second is for a chemical bonding agent that we use to insure that Matguard products don’t dry the skin and that the product adheres to the skin or surface ensuring that our product stays on long enough to be effective. The process and our years of success differentiates us from our competitors.  Our competitors use harsh and/or harmful chemicals, or products that are not recognized by the FDA as being safe or effective. Our success is based on thousands of Athletes who count on our products to be effective without drying their skin. We developed a winning formula that uses the highest concentration of Alcohol along with our process for ensuring skin safety without the dry skin issue normally associated with Alcohol products. ALL THE BENEFITS.NONE OF THE DRYING!

Little known fact about Matguard?

Our product formulation is both FDA approved (Safe on Skin/Effective) and EPA Approved (Bacterial Surface Kill). We one of a very small number of Companies that have this designation!