Joker Memes Athletic Trainers Can Relate To In Wrestling

Joker Memes Athletic Trainers Can Relate To In Wrestling

By Dan Seidenberg

In the world of wrestling where aggression, blood, and bruises are of the the norm it is the athletic trainer’s job to keep the wrestlers safe and healthy. Therefore, when injury/blood time is called during a wrestling match the athletic trainer must remain calm, cool, and collected as they put their skills to work in the midst of all the chaos. Needless to say their job is not easy, in fact it can be very difficult at times, but in the words of the joker “What doesn’t kill you simply makes you…stranger”.

With that being said here are five chaotic wrestling match situations that eventually become normal for athletic trainers.

  1. When a wrestler calls injury time, the athletic trainer’s primary concern is the wrestler’s safety not the match score. Unfortunately, the crowd doesn’t always realize this.


2. When the athletic trainer is in a race against the clock to stop a wrestler from bleeding, rarely do you see them panic.



3. Okay, maybe sometimes they panic 


4. When the athletic trainer asks if you can continue wrestling they usually already know the answer.


5. So when you fake an injury to catch your breath you may fool the crowd, but you won’t fool the athletic trainer



Matguard acknowledges all the hard work Athletic Trainers put into every sport, game,and athlete. They keep us safe from injuries and in the game! Like our Athletic Trainers, Matguard is committed to the health and safety of our athletes.

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