MMA Fighters Love Staph Infections

MMA Fighters Love Staph Infections

Introduction by Ross Dale

In the past few years, fighting sports such as UFC, CKO, and other MMA sports have seen a huge rise in popularity.That means a lot more sweaty bodies, dirty mats, and open wounds for skin infections to spread like wildfire. It’s no surprise that in that surge of popularity there’s been a rise in the notice of how easily it is to get these infections like staph, as well as how catastrophic they are on the body. By taking proper measures to clean up the equipment as well as the skin afterwards, the risk of an infection developing or spreading is practically eliminated. Matguard is designed for exactly that: The prevention of skin infection. It takes literally seconds to use it, and saves you the worry of something like this:

“Staph wounds often lead to disgusting open entrances in the body — three inch wide holes in the skin that expose tissue and bone to elements.”

Read more on the impact staph infections are having on the MMA world below, and keep yourself informed on what it is and how to fight it.

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In the past two decades, mixed martial arts like UFC and Strikeforce have stolen the spotlight from boxing. And within these violent sports lies an even more dangerous threat — the unstoppable spread of skin infections, particularly Staphylococcus aureus, amongst fighters and training partners. What conditions and habits lead to the spread of these infections, and how much damage can they do to a fighter’s body?

The bare-chested sport of MMA allows for an increase in Staphylococcus aureustransmission thanks to a mix of sweat, close contact, and open wounds. The mats themselves also become a carrier thanks to the “ground and pound” nature of the sport, a danger not seen in traditional boxing or martial arts…