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Seriously, this is gruesome. Most people have a fair understanding that staph infections are skin infections that can enter your body through the bloodstream and cause serious damage, even death, and most could guess that MMA fighters are some of the biggest receivers of a staph infection. But these 10 fighters got it worse than you could have imagined, with parts of their body looking like a scene from The Walking Dead, their flesh literally rotting away. This is why you clean yourself and your equipment! This is a reason to use Matguard! Even if you escape death, you’re left with a permanent mark on your body, potentially crippling you for the rest of your life. And all you needed to do was just use some wet wipes…

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I really don’t know why you clicked on this. If you want to turn back now, I would completely understand. Go ahead, click close, our feelings won’t be hurt.

Oh, you’re still here. Damn.

Look, consider this your last warning. The following images/videos are disturbing and will stick with you for the rest of your life. There’s no deleting these images from your long-term memory. They will be with you for the remainder of your life like some bad sexually transmitted disease. In short, we don’t want to be liable for any projectile vomiting.

You’re still reading this? Alright, check out The Top Ten Staph Infections in MMA History only at – Because MMA is everything…


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