How to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria on dirty sports equipment

How to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria on dirty sports equipment

More and more people are starting to notice that smelly sports gear isn’t just smelly, it’s harmful to the skin, potentially even lethal with staph infections! With this new awareness comes people taking action to clean their equipment to prevent the growth or spread of skin bacteria and skin diseases. While having a team collect all of the equipment at the end or even halfway through a season to be conditioned is a good preventative measure, half of a season is more than enough time for millions of bacteria to propagate and flourish, creating a hot spot for potential skin diseases to develop and grow. That’s where Matguardcomes in. Daily use or even use of the disinfectant spray and wet wipe every few days will keep your equipment fresh and funk-free for the next time you put it on, with no worries of any bacteria or diseases. Be aware, and take action!

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Sports equipment can get pretty stinky over the course of a season. And while the smell alone might motivate athletes to clean their pads, there may be bigger reasons to do so that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

The Georgia-based Marietta Daily Journal reports that there is growing concern among high schools regarding the spread of staphylococcus infections, or staph, by sharing unclean football equipment.

According to the Mayo Clinic, staph can cause a simple rash on the skin or life-threatening blood poisoning that can infect the brain, lungs, muscles and heart. Staph bacteria is more resilient than most germs, and while it’s most commonly transmitted by skin-to-skin contact, it’s not unusual to obtain an infection from a pillowcase, towel or sports equipment…