5 MRSA ‘Hot Spots’

5 MRSA ‘Hot Spots’

For the most part people can guess where MRSA hangs out and grows, putting people at risk for one of the deadliest skin infections out there: gyms, health clubs, prisons, schools, hospitals, etc. But did you know a large percentage of people regularly carry staph on their skin without even noticing? In fact, one of the most popular spots for staph to live on someone is right on their nose. It doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a skin infection, but it can be if proper hygiene isn’t used. Let Matguard help you with that part. By using the wet wipes on your skin, you’ll kill any staph, preventing it from ever turning into a skin infection. Use it after being around any of those hot spots, and feel comfortable knowing your skin is safe and healthy.

Via WebMD (http://www.webmd.com/)

Why do so many people carry staph germs? Because the human body is the staph bacterium’s natural habitat, says Gordon Dickinson, MD, chief of infectious diseases at the University of Miami and the Miami VA Medical Center.

“We are the ecology,” Dickinson tells WebMD. “Humans are the ecological niche for Staphylococcus aureus. MRSA is just a variant.”

This means the No. 1 hot spot for MRSA is: your nose.

“It can live in moist areas of the skin — like under the arms, in the groin — but you find it mainly inside the front of the nose,” Dickinson says.

Whose nose? There’s a very good chance it’s your own…