Smelly Youth Sports Gear

Smelly Youth Sports Gear

Work out at all? Then you know what smelly sports clothes and gear is like. No one likes that smell, and it comes from your own skin bacteria. But that bacteria isn’t just a source of smell, it’s a source of skin infections as well. While the simple remedy for clothes is to just throw them in the washing machine, what do you do about the stuff that you can’t throw in, like your sneakers, or shin guards, or helmets, or anything like that? You could soak them in water mixed with a cleaning product and let them dry out, but most of us using that gear will need it the next day, or maybe even later the same day, and you know it won’t be dry in time, no matter where you put it.

With Matguard however, you could use our wet wipes or disinfectant spray on the equipment right after use, and not only kill the that funky smell, but also kill the very bacteria causing it, eliminating any risk for infections or skin diseases. Read the article below for some tips and tricks on proper cleaning, but know that Matguard has got you protected.

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Everyone has encountered smelly sports gear, shoes, and clothing. Sneakers whose odor carries across a room. The smell from an equipment bag that reaches from the trunk of your car to the front seat. Gloves that have the power to transfer their odor to your hands. Wet clothes left stuffed in a duffle bag that could stand up on their own.

Short of throwing them all away, what can be done? You can try to mask the odor with scents, but why not tackle the problem head on and go after the bacteria causes the odor? Besides, who wants them living there anyway?

Through an entirely natural process an athlete’s body secretes perspiration, oils, and other residues during exercise. These residues are the source of the problem because they are food for odor-causing bacteria. They allow bacteria to live. You can kill the bacteria with harsh chemicals and anti-bacterial agents, but new bacteria will just move in because there is still food to eat. Look for a product containing natural enzymes to break down these residues on a molecular level, starving existing bacteria and making an inhospitable environment for new bacteria. These same residues also clog today’s high-tech fabrics, so by removing them a product containing natural enzymes restores the fabric’s moisture transport and wicking properties…