Rat Disease Kills Redgrave’s Gold Medal Partner: Rower Dead in Days from Water-borne Illness

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Must we wait for the worst before taking bacterial infections seriously? Bacteria can be dead serious about taking you down. The sudden death of Double Olympic Gold Medalist Andy Holmes has shocked the rowing community and left his loved ones with grief from the unexpected tragedy back in 2010. While this incident happened a few years ago, the alarming problem remains that you can be another unknowing target, and the culprit can be anywhere. We atMatguard USA are ON YOUR TEAM in the fight against bacterial infection, so we’d love for you to beat this threat before it hits. TAKE ACTION, and start by being informed through the article below.


via Daily Mail (www.dailymail.co.uk)

Olympic rowing champion Andy Holmes, who twice partnered Sir Steve Redgrave to gold medal triumph, has died suddenly from suspected Weil’s disease.

The athlete, who became a father for the fifth time only a month ago, had recently returned to the water after a 17-year break from the sport.

The 51-year-old was said to be in superb physical condition but became unwell after competing in a 26-mile sculling marathon at Boston, Lincolnshire, a couple of weeks ago.



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