Ringworm Reactions: 16 tweets that will make wrestlers laugh

Ringworm Reactions: 16 tweets that will make wrestlers laugh

Author: Dan Seidenberg 
Owner and founder of wrestlingreality.com

Ringworm, one of the most common yet less serious skin diseases found in sports. As a wrestler, I’ve come to terms with the fact that although this common fungal infection can be easily treated within a few days, it is still perceived as real life cooties to the outside world. Yes, you should avoid skin contact with someone that has ringworm as it is contagious, but it is not a life-threatening disease ruining the lives of anyone in it’s path.

If you happen to get ringworm you should not be proud of it, but it should not cause mass hysteria either. Yet, after browsing through the twitter-verse it has become very clear that some people just don’t understand this concept. If you’re not sure what I mean just look at these 16 ridiculous tweets from people falling on both sides of the spectrum with how they react to ringworm.



I wouldn’t consider this to be squad goals, but I bet they still added a lot more people to this group by the end of the night.



Well, you can rest assured there will be no ringworm group pics at her party.


image6 (1)

Of yeah, blame it on the dog. Real nice.


image12 (1)

What the heck did I just read…



I don’t think I want to live on this planet anymore…


image4 (1)

Not the best nickname to have, but hey it’s better than ringworm mami!



To think one man in need of a hair cut could have resulted in the first ringworm epidemic of 2016. It just goes to show you not all héroes wear capes, some wear smocks…and evidently have a keen eye for skin funk.


image3 (1)

Saying wrestling sucks because of ringworm is worse than saying you quit, because you didn’t want to wear the “leotard” for matches. This is definitely one of those kids that says he “cut mad weight”, when all he had to was watch what he ate the night before a match.


image6 (2)

Maybe that’s what Beyonce meant when she said “put a ring on it”.



See, this is what happens when people start referring to ringworm as a form of leprosy caused by the gods of skin funk.


image11 (1)

The most extreme ringworm precaution  that I’ve ever seen.


image2 (1)

Come on, Louis! I knew I should have worn my hazmat suit to his house.



People don’t forget.



Wrestling problems at their finest. It’s alright Rocco it happens to the best of us! 



Ringworm fades, but memories of the pit last forever.



Okay, what kind of horrible ringworm experiences did these people have! Ringworm is a common fungal infection not the black plague! Between the comments about damaged spirits, special suits, and bleaching skin you would think were talking about people getting bit by zombies on an episode of the Walking Dead. Whatever happened to going to your local pharmacy and getting some ointment that you apply for a few days until it’s gone?


At the end of the day, ringworm is not the black plague, however, protect yourself from it and keep healthy and clean! Matguard recommends to wipe or spray yourself with an FDA approved antiseptic body wipe to eliminate the fear of contracting a skin funk! For more information regarding ringworms, check out Matguard Health News weekly and educate yourself and keep up-to-date with skin prevention plans. Help us #pinthefunk and keep funk off the mat! Get involved and help Matguard protect the sport of wrestling!