Lawrence Tynes sues Buccaneers, Claims MRSA ended career

Lawrence Tynes sues Buccaneers, Claims MRSA ended career

Lawrence Tynes, who won two super bowls kicking for the Giants signed with the Buccaneers in 2013 but never had a chance to play for the team due to contracting MRSA. Tynes claims that the unsanitary conditions at the teams’ facility led him to contracting MRSA. What is MRSA? Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is caused by a strain of staph bacteria that becomes resistant to the antibiotics used to treat ordinary staph infections. Most often it causes infections on the skin, sores or boils. Though most MRSA infections aren’t serious it can be life threatening. MRSA can cause life-threatening bloodstream infections such as, pneumonia and surgical site infections. What to look for Skin infections that look like a pimple or boil

  • Swollen
  • Painful
  • Pus-filled

Who Gets MRSA? You can contract MRSA by skin-to skin contact, this can occur in participants of many types of sports, mainly in contact sports such as football and wrestling .You can also contract MRSA by touching contaminated objects – like a towel or weight training equipment in the gym. Ways Athletes Can Prevent MRSA Athletic equipment as well as locker rooms should be cleaned and disinfected – Mats, weight training equipment and locker rooms.

  • Disinfect equipment & Locker rooms: Use Helmet & Pad Disinfectant wipes and Sprays by Matguard on Helmets, Pads, Straps and all sports equipment. This patented Hospital Grade Disinfectant spray is bleach-free and utilizes a patented process for  slowing down the evaporation rate of high level isopropyl alcohol (75%). The product was designed for preventing transmission of infections skin diseases including MRSA, Impetigo and Staph. Helmet & PadDisinfectant wipes and Sprays by Matguard does not degrade sports equipment and is compatible with vinyl, plastic rubber titanium, Teflon, steel and more. WON’T HARM EQUIPMENT!
  • Wash your hands: clean your hands before playing any sport, sharing weights and equipment. If there is no access to running water, use a Alcohol Wipe containing at least 62% Alcohol to be effective. Matguard’s FDA regulated Body Wipes, Body Cleanse and Body Foam are an exceptional choice, because they won’t dry the skin and they are proven to kill the bacteria and germs that are harmful to Athletes.
  • Wash your uniform: Wash and dry clothes completely, after each use.
  • Shower Immediately: Do not share items that touch your bare skin. Use soap and water, if soap and water are not available use a Body Wipe or Spray containing at least 62% alcohol. Matguard’s FDA regulated Body Wipes, Body Cleanse and Body Foam are an exceptional choice because they are highly effective and won’t dry your skin.
  • Disinfect your facilities often: Use a high-level surface disinfectant to kill bacteria and harmful germs in the team room, locker room, Matguard’s makes both a ready-to-use and concentrated Surface Disinfectant product approved for killing MRSA.


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