Wrestling Club Silver Program

Wrestling Club Silver Program

  • $ 1,100.00
  • Save $ 374


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Want to upgrade from Bronze to Silver - OR- Like Matguard you're a BIG advocate for skin disease prevention?

 Congratulations! We are here to support you! 

This Program is exclusively for Wrestling Clubs only. Use your club code to redeem the discount or CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR CLUB CODE!

This Program Includes:

  • 4 Case of our FDA Regulated Antiseptic/Antibacterial Wipes (6 Canisters)
  • 3 32oz Matguard Helmet and Pad Spray
  • 3 32oz Matguard Blood Spot Spray
  • 3 (65 Count) Canister Blood Wipe 
  • 6 Foam Cartridges (10K+ Applications)
  • 1 Team Room Foam Dispenser
  • 4 128oz MatPRO - Mat Cleaner (Concentrated)