Wrestling Club Bronze Program

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Loved the Starter Kit -OR- Just ready to commit and help us eliminate skin disease on the mat? 

 Great! We have put together a Bronze Program to help you protect your athletes off and on the mat!

This Program is exclusively for Wrestling Clubs only. Use your club code to redeem the discount or CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR CLUB CODE!


The Wrestling Club Bronze Program is designed for those who have either loved the Starter Kit or are ready to commit to ensuring the elimination of skin diseases on the wrestling mat. This program is tailored exclusively for Wrestling Clubs. Clubs can use their unique code to avail a discount on this program.

Package Contents:

  • Antiseptic/Antibacterial Wipes: The package includes one case of FDA Regulated Antiseptic/Antibacterial Wipes, which contains 6 canisters.
  • Matguard Helmet and Pad Spray: A 32oz bottle of this spray is included to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of helmets and pads.
  • Matguard Blood Spot Spray: This 32oz spray is designed to address and clean blood spots effectively.
  • Blood Wipe: The package contains one canister of blood wipes, with a total of 65 wipes.
  • MatPRO - Mat Cleaner: This is a concentrated cleaner, provided in a 128oz container, designed specifically for cleaning wrestling mats.
  • Body Cleanse Spray: An 8oz bottle of this spray is included for body cleansing purposes.


The regular price of the Wrestling Club Bronze Program is $314.00, but it's currently on sale for $200.00.