MatPRO® by Matguard - Telescopic Handle- Mega Mop "The Beast"

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  • MatPRO® by Matguard presents "The Beast". A Telescopic Handle Mega Mop that is easier to maneuver than those bulky oversized mops.
  • The 70” Telescoping Stainless Steel Pole allows for quick and effortless cleaning of large areas.
  • Use MatPRO® by Matguard in gyms, martial arts studios, schools, and other areas to regularly disinfect floor mats and flooring that come into contact with skin.
  • The active ingredient in MatPRO® by Matguard is Ammonium Chloride, which is highly effective in cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.
  • TYou can dilute the concentrated formula into mop buckets or large surface sprayers for added convenience.
  • MatPRO® by Matguard uses a safe, neutral pH solution for no-rinse cleaning and disinfection.
  • Use it with Matguard's Grip-Tight "The Beast" Mop Frames for an even more efficient cleaning experience.