MatPRO® by Matguard Microfiber Pocket Mop Heads- 3 sided

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  • MatPRO® by Matguard presents the Microfiber Pocket Mop Heads- 3 Sided, the ultimate solution for cleaning and disinfecting tough-to-clean surfaces.
  • The patented three-sided 18” microfiber extra-tough mop is designed for mats, rubber floors, and other tough surfaces.
  • The mop's short nap cut pile microfiber allows for easy maneuverability and eliminates annoying "mop flopping" by allowing a fluid motion of the top and side cleaning.
  • The mop head fits into the patented Grip-Tight Pocket Mop Frame (Item #83111)
  • The mop head is made of a unique microfiber material that removes bacteria from mats and other surfaces with its hundreds of thousands of porous microscopic fibers.
  • The active ingredient in MatPRO® by Matguard is Ammonium Chloride, which is highly effective in cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.
  • MatPRO® by Matguard uses a safe, neutral pH solution for no-rinse cleaning and disinfection, making it perfect for use in gyms, martial arts studios, schools, and other areas where floor mats and flooring with regular skin contact are used.