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MATGUARD® HAND and BODY CLEANSE utilizes a 70% Alcohol Formulation that is an all over body spray that aids in the prevention of serious infections and fungal issues. Our patented formula slows the evaporation rate of Alcohol allowing for longer dwell time on skin.

Ideal for on the go athletes who may not have time to shower, but want to stay clean and germ free.

Contains skin softening moisturizers that won't dry your body.

Non-oily, non sticky and won't leave a sticky gel residue.

MATGUARD antiseptic sprays contain special ingredients that kill 99.9% of the germs, bacteria and nasty stuff that people involved in athletic activities are prone to...while leaving you clean all over and smelling awesome.

Trusted by Thousands of Athletes for over 10 years.

Patented Formula

MATGUARD® products contain 70% isopropyl Alcohol in combination with a patented chemical and a pharmaceutical grade Skin moisturizer. When these ingredients are combined,  the Chemical slows the evaporation rate of the alcohol on the skin providing enough time for the Alcohol to break down the cell walls and denature germs and bacteria cells. The skin conditioner counterbalances any drying effect on the body, our product will never dry out skin.

An important consideration. SuperBugs including MRSA have developed immunity against certain chemicals. Our formula causes the physical destruction of the germ or bacteria cell, so they won't mutate and develop a bacterial resistance to MATGUARD® products. 

The formulation of MATGUARD® may seem somewhat simple, but it has been awarded two United States patents, a Canadian patent, and numerous additional international patents.