MATGUARD® Industrial Sprayer- 2 gallon Plastic Industrial Spray Applicator

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Introducing MATGUARD® Industrial Sprayer - the ultimate solution for large-scale disinfectant cleansing of hard and soft surfaces!

  • USES: For disinfectant cleansing of hard and soft surfaces, like athletic equipment and gear, countertops, mats, and more.
  • USED FOR: any surface with regular contact
  • USED BY: gyms, home use, medical centers, spas/massage parlors.
  • ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Isopropyl Alcohol 70%
  • Safe on Skin. 
  • Specialized formula that provides medical-grade disinfecting of any hard or soft surface
  • Light and easy-to-use 2-gallon Plastic Industrial Spray Applicator
  • All parts are made of good quality plastic, very sturdy and strong. The sprayer wand is very easy to use and dispenses the correct amount of spray every time.
  • The bottle holds pressure with just 2-3 pumps and lasts for continuous spraying.
  • Spray is ideal for use with Helmet & Pad Disinfectants.
  • Great for covering a large amount of equipment and gear, including sports helmets, first responder gear and body armor, rental facilities and action sports centers and health clubs, gyms, and workout equipment.
  • Translucent bottle allows for ease in checking fluid level
  • Includes 12-inch straight wand, 28-inch reinforced hose, and 2-gallon tank