Matguard® for Athletic Trainers, Coaches, AD’s and School Administrators

Education is the best way to prevent disease outbreaks... Prevention is the best policy! Promote good health and germ safety in the school, gym and common areas to benefit your athletes, students and the community.

The best way to STOP germs and bacteria on the skin according to the experts...

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO):

Recommend use of alcohol based sanitizers in places where germs are commonly spread such as hospitals, workplace, health clubs, gyms and in schools.

The FDA and the Public Health Agency of Canada:

Washing your body and hands regularly with warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds

Using an alcohol-based hand or body cleanser, especially before and after eating, after going to the bathroom, after coughing and sneezing and after touching contaminated surfaces

Frequently cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces that may have been contaminated. (Mats, Gym Equipment, Uniforms)

The British Journal of Dermatology:

States alcohol based body antiseptics are more effective than soap!

CDC, FDA, Health Canada all recommend alcohol based hand or body sanitizers that contain at least 70% alcohol in order to rupture the cell of the germ, physically destroying it.

Isopropyl Alcohol (Isopropanol) is often referred to as a “mechanical kill” and is a preferred way to kill a Germ as it prevents cell mutation.

Isopropyl Alcohol is a natural antiseptic that has been used in the medical field for over 100 years.

Isopropyl Alcohol kills germs fast without water and evaporates quickly.

Disease prevention techniques in the school

Showering with soap and water immediately after all athletic activity is the preferred method for reducing the spread of harmful bacteria. As healthcare professionals and administrators we know that this is not always an option, or feasible to enforce.

Here is what you can do to insure that good hygiene is available to all of your athletes, students, coaches and staff:

  • Provide each student athlete (all sports) a body wipe canister at the start of the season
  • Place Matguard foam or liquid dispensers in the gym, workout room, locker room and in all common areas
  • At athletic events, place dispenser and wipes on scorer’s table and/or in visitor’s locker room
  • Make sure kids are continually using cleansers. Ask them, “Did you foam-up” or “Make sure to towel down after each practice, game, match or meet”.
  • Make sure coaching staff uses product. If the coach leads by example.....
  • Provide scented body sprays as a way to encourage use by all athletes.
  • Keep body wipes and/or hard surface wipes visible at tournaments
  • Ask coaches and players to wipe equipment down regularly with a 70% alcohol based cleaner in order to kill germs without harmful bleach. This includes mats, weight machines, trainer tables, pads, uniforms and other athletic equipment.
  • Issue body antiseptic sprays and wipes to staff
  • Keep wipes in Bathrooms
  • Have custodial staff use non-bleach Isopropyl alcohol based products for sanitizing athletic equipment.

MATGUARD® antiseptic body wipes, sprays, liquid and foams contain a fast acting and highly effective patented formulation for killing 99.9% of the germs, viruses and bacteria that can cause diseases within the school and athletic community. Our entire product line is recommended for use by people involved in contact sports and physical activity in order to reduce the spread of disease and limit the cross contamination of the entire school population.

Why Matguard®?

  • Matguard® has enough alcohol to be effective.
  • Matguard® ensures the alcohol will remain in contact long enough to kill germs.
  • Matguard® is Skin Friendly
  • Matguard® is Easy to Use and Convenient

Matguard® has enough alcohol to be effective.

Experts agree that a percentage of 70% alcohol by weight is needed to effectively kill germs on the body and surfaces, the manufacturers of Matguard® hold a patent on products that range from 70% to 75% alcohol content by weight. This patented formulation is recognized by government agencies in the US and Canada as being effective in killing a broad range of germs and bacteria.

Matguard ® ensures the alcohol will remain in contact long enough to kill germs.

Isopropyl Alcohol is a very effective antiseptic for fighting germs and bacteria, although in order to be fully effective Alcohol needs a certain period of time on the body or surface to properly kill all germs....Alcohol used by itself on the body or on equipment surfaces will in many cases evaporate too quickly to effectively kill all germs.... Matguard’s chemists developed a patented formula that slows the rate of evaporation, ensuring that the amount of alcohol we use in our products can kill all of the germs and bacteria present. The alcohol in our product kills the germs, than dissipates over time without leaving a sticky residue.

Matguard ® is Skin Friendly

The biggest problem with many products on the market is that they dry the skin creating a hospitable environment for germs and bacteria to grow...

Patented Matguard ® formula has both an emollient and humectant designed to moisturize your body. It won’t dry your skin even when used many times each day...

Our products contain emollients which act to re-hydrate the skin by replenishing the moisture that is lost by washing, sanitizing, and exposure to chemicals and dry air. Our formulation also includes a humectant which is used to attract and draw moisture from the surrounding air helping to trap and bind it to the skin.

Matguard® is Easy to Use and Convenient

We designed our products with Athletes in mind. Our BODY WIPES are full size (10 x 12in.) allowing for one wipe to clean the entire body and equipment. The wipe is discarded after use. The durable canister fits into any gym or athletic equipment bag and should last an athlete most of the season. Our BODY CLEANSE products are designed for the “on the go” athlete who are not able to get to a shower, but want to clean their skin of harmful bacteria. The convenient size fits into any purse, backpack, gym bag or locker. The three different scented flavors make them a favorite for both boys and girls. Our FOAM & LIQUID DISPENSERS are practical, economical and perfect for multiple users. The dispensers should be placed at the entrance or exit of every locker room, workout room, or gymnasium to blunt the spread of germs and bacteria.