MATGUARD®  Body Spray Cartridges

MATGUARD® Body Spray Cartridges

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MATGUARD® Antiseptic Body Spray is the only FDA regulated formula available worldwide in a Body Spray. MATGUARD® Antiseptic Body Spray is a liquid versus our Body Foam. Many gyms, healthclubs and locker rooms prefer the liquid as it goes on similar to a lotion.   MATGUARD® Antiseptic Body Spray is an economical way to keep your program, students or gym protected from athletics-related skin diseases. Custom cartridges fit into MATGUARD dispenser units. 2000 application. Athletes spritz product on their hand and then wipe our non-sticky formula onto exposed skin from head to toe. Our PATENTED formula will never dry the skin!

(Dispensing Units - .9463L)